Why Choose OLSON Carpet Care ?host

You can have clean carpets with no wet mess!

The HOST® Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning System
solves your five most common carpet care problems:

  1. SOLVES waiting for wet carpets to dry. 
  2. SOLVES rapid resoiling.
  3. SOLVES shrinkage, split seams, mildew, and streaks.
  4. SOLVES the cost concern.
  5. SOLVES excessive wear from layers of ground-in dirt.

Mission Statement
At OLSON Carpet Care, our target is to serve customers in the residential and commercial market segments who desire high-quality carpet care at a reasonable cost, with the added assurance of no wet carpets.

We are prepared to meet the needs of out customers better than our competitors because we offer a method of carpet care that is better for the carpet and more convenient for the customer.

Over the years our business has grown based on word-of-mouth advertising through the networking of satisfied customers.
Contented consumers will continue to be our most desirable, as well as cost-effective form of advertising.

The Owner
My name is Kevin Olson.  When I decided to start my own carpet cleaning business in 1986, I knew I would need to offer something that was a cut above the others who tried to offer a similar service.  Years later, after graduating from
LeTourneau University with a Bachelor of Business Management degree, I learned there was an actual term for that--Competitive Edge.  I offer something unique for my customers; my dry-when-I-leave / no soapy residue method gives them an advantage of better carpet-care over choosing another carpet cleaner.

Company Culture
Integrity, confidence, responsibility, and service-oriented work ethics are among the beliefs and values that have shaped OLSON Carpet Care into the company it is today.  Being a small, family-owned business insures the customer they will be receiving the heart and soul of service OLSON Carpet Care can offer.